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The answers to a list of commonly asked questions relating to the Abingdon Marathon can be found below.

A01. This race is run under UK Athletics Rules of Competition.

A02. The date and time of the next Abingdon Marathon has been confirmed as Sunday, 22nd October 2023. The race is scheduled to start at 09:00hrs.

A03. The race entry limit for the Abingdon Marathon is 1,200 places. Facilities at Tilsley Park are limited and there are several narrow points on the course which limit the size of the field.

A04. In accordance with UK Athletics rules the minimum age is 18 years of age on race day for marathon participants.

A05. Race registration will open shortly at some point in February 2023, The exact date and time are to be agreed upon very soon.

A06. You may enter the race by going to the Race Entry page on this website and clicking on the link provided to the eventrac website. Entries will only be available on–line.

A07. The 2023 entry fee for affiliated athletes is £56.00 and the fee for unaffiliated athletes entrants is £58.00.

A08. No, we do not allow the wearing of any headphones, including bone conducting technology, or similar devices (other than those medically prescribed). If you wear headphones at any time in the race you will be disqualified, and will not receive an official finishing time.

All headphones are banned because our course is predominantly on open, single track roads, and for your safety we require you to be fully aware of your surroundings at all times, including being able to hear the instructions of marshals and other race officials.

This ban is in accordance with Rule T55 (240) S 5 UKA Supplement Headphones on page 321 of the UKA and IAAF Rule Book 2022 available via the England Athletics website.

The wearing of headphones, or similar devices, (other than those medically prescribed), is not permitted in races on any single carriageway road that is not wholly closed to traffic. This restriction does not apply to races held on dual carriageways provided that there are clear, structured separations between the separate carriageways. Competition Providers of races held entirely on roads closed to traffic may apply this condition where appropriate to local circumstances. Headphones that work by conducting sound through bones and do not sit in the ears are acceptable but a Competition provider may determine that they cannot be used in their race.

# UKA entry terms

I accept that no headphones are permitted to be worn in the race, and that if I contravene this rule I will be disqualified.

A09. In order to meet the requirements for the race to go ahead, there is a 5–hour time limit for this event. If it looks as though you will be unable to complete the course within the stipulated cut–off time, you will be advised to stop and withdraw from the race at the discretion of the Race Director. Should you wish to continue, you will be advised that all marshalling and support personnel will be stood down once the 5–hour time limit has been reached. If you decide you cannot complete the course the sweep vehicle will return you to Tilsley Park. Should you wish to continue you do so at entirely your own risk. No results will be provided for any runner whose finishing time exceeds the 15–minute tolerance over the stipulated time limit of 5 hours. In any such event the Race Director’s decision is final.

A10. Approximately 75% of the net proceeds are donated to local charities with further donations being made to the local running clubs and organisations who support the event. Over the last 5 events the sums donated to local charities have been upwards of £50,000.

A11. Please refer to our Places to Stay page for some ideas of where to stay.

A12. Please visit the Marshals page on the website, click on the Volunteer button and complete the contact form to register your interest. You will be contacted shortly.

A13. All entrants will receive a confirmation email upon completion of their online entry. An updated list of entrants will be posted on the website monthly. Please check your details are correct here. Please contact the Race Entries Co–ordinator if anything is incorrect.

If you have entered the Oxfordshire County Marathon Championship your details will appear here prior to the race.

A14. It is not possible to defer your entry if you are injured or unable to take part but if you took out the Refundable insurance when you entered the race, you may be able to claim on this.

A15. Unfortunately, the standard race policy is that no refunds will be issued. In addition, if Covid regulation changes issued by the Government make it impossible to hold the race at short notice in the summer, no refunds will be possible.

A16. Yes, it is possible to transfer your race number once the race is full – there are two methods of doing this:
If you have found someone who wants your place, email the Race Entries Co–ordinator with the name and race number of the person transferring their place along with the name and email address of the person taking the number.
Or, if you don’t have anyone to pass the number on to, email the Race Entries Co–ordinator with your name and race number and he will offer it to someone on the waiting list once it forms. An entry form will then be sent to the person receiving the race number to be completed and returned for the transfer to be accepted. You will have to sort out reimbursement of the entry fee between yourselves. Once the race entry is closed (26th September) no further transfers will be allowed, so please don’t ask!

A17. If any of your registration details need changing before the race, please log on to Eventrac and change them.

A18. Race packs will be sent out around the beginning of October and a notice placed on the website confirming the dispatch. If your race pack fails to arrive after 1 week, please contact the Race Entries Co–ordinator including your name and allocated race number. Please note if you have entered after the race packs have been sent out you will be able to pick up your race number at Tilsley Park Reception on race day.

A20. Bag storage is available at the Baggage Tent located at the end of the Grandstand.

A21. There will be post-race massage offered this year by Sportspecifc - Sports Massage Specialists. The cost for a post race massage will be £10.

A22. The race starts on the athletics track at Tilsley Park, Dunmore Road, Abingdon, Oxfordshire OX14 1PU.

A23. The race will start promptly at 09:00hrs. Please try to arrive at least 45 minutes before this time.

A24. There are no parking facilities available at Tilsley Park on race day.

Parking facilities will be available from 07:00hrs at the Abingdon and Witney College, on the junction of Northcourt Road and Wootton Road, Dunmore Court next to the Golf Store and Fit2Run, The Manor School, St. Helens and St. Catherines School and Larkmead School. Please refer to the map on the Venue page or look in the race booklet. Please note some of the locations are 30 minutes walk to Tilsley Park. Please do not park in the residential areas close to Tilsley Park.

Please do not park in the residential areas close to Tilsley Park.

A25. Drinks stations are provided every 3 miles with Active Root Sports Drink and Chews shortly after miles 11, 14, 20 and 23 and sponges are available at the water stations shortly after miles 7 and 16. Active Root products will also be at the finish.

A26. The course remains largely the same as that used in recent years. The course details, map and profile can be viewed on The Course page. In addition a printable version is available to download here.

A27. There will be mile markers to mark each mile point on the course.

A28. No, road closures are only in force for the first two and a half miles and last mile, and the B4016 between Drayton and Sutton Courtenay (between the Drayton Road/Milton Road junction and the Brook Street/High Street/Church Street junction in Sutton Courtenay) but other than that all roads are open to traffic. However, stop/go boards with qualified staff will operate at all points where runners have to cross over busy roads.

A29. Toilets (in the sports centre) and portable toilets (in the car park) will be available at Tilsley Park before the race. Out on the course the toilets at The Park Club, Milton are available to use shortly after mile 10 (on the first loop) and just before mile 19 (on the second loop). The locations of toilet provision are indicated on the 2023 Course Map.

A30. Yes, this is allowed, of course. However, please take into consideration the weather conditions on race day and make sure you take on the appropriate fluid to ensure you avoid de–hydration.

A31. If you have to drop out, for whatever reason, please advise the nearest marshal and hand them your race number. The marshal will advise Race Control and if you are injured or unwell they will arrange for medical backup. Alternatively, the sweep vehicle will pick you up.

A32. The best places to watch the runners on the course are approaching the 5–mile mark in the market square opposite the museum (– formerly the County Hall), and outside Café Metro in Milton Park by the roundabout where the runners turn north approaching the 10–mile mark. The course involves a 9–mile loop so watching from this position will give you two opportunities to see your family member or friend run past. You will still have plenty of time to drive back to Tilsley Park and watch them finish in front of the grandstand. There is also available to view and download a Spectator’s Map.

A33. Whilst there is nothing from stopping supporters wishing to ride round in support of a family member or friend please bear in mind that the initial part of the course is closed to all traffic (– including bikes) until the runners have passed.

The UK Athletics Rules of Competition also forbid any runner to be paced by a cyclist. Anyone who is deemed to be paced will be disqualified.

Cyclists should try to avoid getting in the way and obstructing runners and remember that they must obey all the normal rules of the road whilst following the race.

A34. Please note that no cash prizes are awarded. Trophies/medals are generally awarded as follows:

Non–binary Entrants: In accordance with the UKA Rules for Competition Appendix 4 for ranking purposes and for the awarding of prizes, only Male and Female gender categories are recognised. Please refer to UKA’s Non–binary Guidance for Road Race Organisers.

Oxfordshire Championships: Trophies/medals are awarded as above, with the addition that the 2nd and 3rd men’s and women’s teams also receive awards. Please note that the County prizes will not be presented on the day of the race in order to allow the County to double–check the results and ensure the prizes are awarded correctly avoiding the calamity at last year’s presentations.


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