2018 Championship Entrants

Last updated: Friday, 27 July, 2018 at 08:19am

Below is the current list of championship entrants received and processed as at 12:25hrs on Wednesday, 25th July for the next Abingdon Marathon scheduled to be held on Sunday, 21st October 2018.

Oxfordshire County Marathon Championships
Army AA Marathon Championships

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Oxfordshire County Marathon Championships

Race No.NameClub / TeamCategory
 AKRILL, PeterAbingdon ACV40 Men
 ALLRED, KateEynsham Road RunnersV45 Women
 AMEND, SamanthaBelgrave HarriersV35 Women
 ARNEIL, RalfWoodstock Harriers ACV40 Men
 BAKER, MarkEynsham Road RunnersSenior Men
 BALL, LauraWhite Horse HarriersV35 Women
 BATCHELOR, DanielCherwell Runners & JoggersV50 Men
 BENNETT, AndrewSenior Men
 BINNIE, ThomasSenior Men
 BLAIR, JoeReading RoadrunnersV60 Men
 BRAUND, ChrisV50 Men
 BRISTOW, NicholasV40 Men
 BROOKE–LITTLE, LeoWoodstock Harriers ACV50 Men
 BROWN, MatthewHandy Cross RunnersV40 Men
 BUDD, RichardCherwell Runners & JoggersV50 Men
 BURLINGHAM, BarryHeadington RRV70+ Men
 BUTLER, LisaWitney Road RunnersV35 Women
 BYRNE, KevinV60 Men
 CARPENTER, JamesV40 Men
 CARTER, SophieBelgrave HarriersV35 Women
 CHRISTOU, ChrisAbingdon ACV50 Men
 CLARKE, GarySenior Men
 CLARKE, TomAbingdon ACV40 Men
 CLAYTON, JamesAbingdon ACSenior Men
 CONEY, ThomasAbingdon ACV40 Men
 CONLON, JosephSenior Men
 CRAGGS, AlisonEynsham Road RunnersV35 Women
 CULLEN, WillRadley Athletic ClubSenior Men
 DANIELS, MattSenior Men
 DAVIES, ChrisDidcot RunnersV40 Men
 DAY, GrahamHeadington RRV50 Men
 DILKS, MarkKidlington Running ClubV40 Men
 DUDGEON, SarahAbingdon ACV35 Women
 DUVALL, SeanEynsham Road RunnersSenior Men
 ELLIOTT, HollieSenior Women
 EVINS, RebeccaEynsham Road RunnersSenior Women
 EVINS, StephenSenior Men
 FENNING, JohnHeadington RRSenior Men
 FERNANDEZ, PaulAbingdon ACV40 Men
 FLOYD, JoelWitney Road RunnersSenior Men
 FOOTITT, ThomasHook Norton HarriersSenior Men
 FOWLER, KelvinV50 Men
 FRASER, DavidAbingdon ACV40 Men
 FRASER, StuartV40 Men
 FREEMAN, PhilSenior Men
 GILL, RogerSenior Men
 GOBBETT, RichardTeam Bath Athletic ClubV40 Men
 GRIEVES, BrianReading RoadrunnersV50 Men
 HANCOX, ColinEynsham Road RunnersV50 Men
 HANNER HOPWOOD, AntonyHeadington RRV40 Men
 HARDING–BROWN, SandraHeadington RRV45 Women
 HARRIS, SimonWhite Horse HarriersSenior Men
 HARRISON, JonathanSenior Men
 HART, HenrySenior Men
 HERBERT, LisaDidcot RunnersV35 Women
 HICKINGBOTHAM, LizDidcot RunnersV45 Women
 HOSKINS, CarolineReading RoadrunnersV45 Women
 HOSKINS, SophieReading RoadrunnersSenior Women
 HOWARD, SallyWitney Road RunnersV35 Women
 HUNTER, IanAlchester Running ClubV40 Men
 JAMES, DarrenCompton Harriers RCV40 Men
 JAMES, SophieSenior Women
 JANE, SonnieWoodstock Harriers ACSenior Men
 JOBSON, MatthewSenior Men
 KRZYWIEC, KateNorth Cotswold Tri & RunV35 Women
 LI–ROUSE, MikeCompton Harriers RCSenior Men
 LISTER, PhilipHeadington RRV60 Men
 MACDONALD, EwanEynsham Road RunnersSenior Men
 MACK, PippaWhite Horse HarriersV35 Women
 MACKIN, AnnaEynsham Road RunnersSenior Women
 MACLENNAN, CalAbingdon ACV50 Men
 McALLISTER, LizEynsham Road RunnersV35 Women
 MOFFATT, ChristopherDidcot RunnersSenior Men
 MORGAN, DavidAbingdon ACV40 Men
 MOWFORTH, NeilSenior Men
 NAUGHTON, EileenDidcot RunnersV35 Women
 NEALE, UlenHeadington RRV40 Men
 NEWTON, JohnAbingdon ACV40 Men
 PAPPS, KerryEynsham Road RunnersV40 Men
 PARKER, FernV35 Women
 PIPER, SimonCherwell Runners & JoggersV40 Men
 POLLARD, BenedictEynsham Road RunnersV40 Men
 PREWETT, AdamHeadington RRSenior Men
 PRYTHERCH, SimonCherwell Runners & JoggersV50 Men
 REYNOLDS, AlanV50 Men
 RICHARDSON, VictoriaAbingdon ACSenior Women
 ROE, JoanneV45 Women
 SALMONS, NeilV50 Men
 SCHMIDT, EmilyEaling Eagles Running ClubSenior Women
 SHARP, RobertDidcot RunnersV50 Men
 SMITH, AndrewHeadington RRSenior Men
 SMITH, EmmaHeadington RRV35 Women
 SMITH, LindseyWitney Road RunnersV45 Women
 SMYTH, DavidAbingdon ACSenior Men
 STANLEY–EVANS, RachelWitney Road RunnersV35 Women
 STILL, AlynSenior Men
 STOREY, RobertEynsham Road RunnersV50 Men
 STUBBS, IsabelSenior Women
 SWARBRICK, JenniferAbingdon ACV35 Women
 TEH, JamesAbingdon ACV50 Men
 TRYBUS, JeffreyCherwell Runners & JoggersSenior Men
 TULL, BelindaReading ACV45 Women
 WALLER, HowardOxford City ACV50 Men
 WEIR, CameronAbingdon ACSenior Men
 WELLER, TomEynsham Road RunnersV40 Men
 WHITTINGTON, AmandaV45 Women
 WOOLLEY, SimonHook Norton HarriersV40 Men
 YOUNG, KatySenior Women


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