2021 Championship Entrants

Last updated: Monday, 24 May, 2021 at 07:07am

Below appears a list the 2020 deferred championship entries received and processed, as at 00:26hrs on Saturday, 22nd May 2021, for the next Abingdon Marathon scheduled to be held on Sunday, 24th October 2021.

2021 Oxfordshire County Marathon Championships
2021 Army AA Marathon Championships

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2021 Oxfordshire County Marathon Championships

Important Notice: Please note that all entrants for the Oxfordshire Marathon Championships will be contacted to confirm their entry.

Race No.NameClub / TeamCategory
 ACKROYD, DaveDidcot RunnersSenior Men
 AKRILL, PeterAbingdon ACV50 Men
 ARTHURS, DanielSenior Men
 BAILEY, AndrewWhite Horse HarriersSenior Men
 BAKER, TomEynsham Road RunnersSenior Men
 BANKS, ThomasRunhead ACSenior Men
 BATCHELOR, DannyCherwell Runners & JoggersV50 Men
 BEDFORD, SharonWhite Horse HarriersV55 Women
 BENNETT, AndySenior Men
 BLAKE, DanWitney Road RunnersV40 Men
 BORRETT, SamAbingdon ACSenior Women
 BRIANT, NathanSenior Men
 BROWNE, MathewAbingdon ACSenior Men
 BUCKETT, PaulAbingdon ACV50 Men
 CARPENTER, JamesV40 Men
 CARTER, SophieWoodstock Harriers ACV35 Women
 CAVANAGH, MichaelV40 Men
 CHALK, TomSenior Men
 COLLINS, GrahamHatch Warren RunnersV40 Men
 COLUCCI, MarieFairlands Valley SpartansV35 Women
 COOK, HowardHeadington RRV50 Men
 CREAK, JonathanV40 Men
 DAWSON, SarahWoodstock Harriers ACV45 Women
 DAY, DavidV50 Men
 DILKS, MarkKidlington Running ClubV40 Men
 DUCKETT, MatthewSenior Men
 DUNN, JamesSenior Men
 EISENHANDLER, DanielWoodstock Harriers ACV50 Men
 ENGLAND, AdamHeadington RRSenior Men
 EVELYN, JoV35 Women
 FENNING, JohnHeadington RRSenior Men
 FERNANDEZ, PaulAbingdon ACV40 Men
 FISHER, NickWhite Horse HarriersSenior Men
 FOSTER, GerardV50 Men
 FRANK, WillOxford City ACSenior Men
 GRAY, PhilOxford City ACV50 Men
 GREEN, AndrewWitney Road RunnersSenior Men
 HALL, RosamondV55 Women
 HANCOX, ColinEynsham Road RunnersV50 Men
 HEALEY, MikeHeadington RRV40 Men
 HENDERSON, OliverSenior Men
 HERMITAGE, GilesAbingdon ACV40 Men
 HETHERINGTON, SteveHarwell HarriersV50 Men
 HOSIER, LiamKidlington Running ClubSenior Men
 HOWARD, SallyWitney Road RunnersV45 Women
 HUNTER, NadineV55 Women
 JOHNSTON, StanEynsham Road RunnersV50 Men
 JONES, DanV40 Men
 LARGE, SimonV40 Men
 LEARY, AdamV40 Men
 LEAVESLEY, JamesV40 Men
 LEONARD, OliverV40 Men
 LI–ROUSE, MikeV40 Men
 LOCK, MatthewWitney Road RunnersSenior Men
 LYON, ChrisAbingdon ACV50 Men
 MACDONALD, EwanEynsham Road RunnersSenior Men
 MOLYNEAUX, PaulWitney Road RunnersV70+ Men
 MORRIS, BrendanReading RoadrunnersSenior Men
 NAUGHTON, EileenDidcot RunnersV35 Women
 NORRIS, MarkHook Norton HarriersV40 Men
 NORTH, SabieneHarwell HarriersV35 Women
 OLNEY, RichardSt Albans StridersV50 Men
 PARKER, CordeliaAbingdon ACSenior Women
 PONT, MatthewV40 Men
 POWELL, ChrisHarwell HarriersSenior Men
 RAHMAN, RachelKidlington Running ClubV45 Women
 READMAN, EmmaSenior Women
 REYNOLDS, AlanWitney Road RunnersV60 Men
 RICHARDS, TimSenior Men
 ROBERTS, NikKidlington Running ClubV40 Men
 SCHULZ, UrsulaHeadington RRV45 Women
 SHARP, RobertDidcot RunnersV50 Men
 SOMMERVILLE, RobertEton Manor ACV50 Men
 STEWART, JaneV55 Women
 STURGESS, PatriciaCLC StridersV35 Women
 TEH, JamesV50 Men
 TEH, JhiaThames Valley HarriersSenior Men
 TUCKER, CarlBuckingham & Stowe RCSenior Men
 TURNBULL, ChristopherHeadington RRSenior Men
 VADHESHA, EmmaV35 Women
 VIOLA, BrunoSenior Men
 WALLER, HowardOxford City ACV50 Men
 WEBSTER, KatieKidlington Running ClubV35 Women
 WHITING, RachelWhite Horse HarriersV35 Women
 WHITTINGTON, AmandaV55 Women
 WILKINSON, KerrySenior Women
 WOOD, CatherineV35 Women
 WOOLFALL, PhilipV40 Men
 WRIDE, JackGreat Western RunnersV40 Men
 YOUNG, KatyV35 Women


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