2022 Championship Entrants

Last updated: Saturday, 21 May, 2022 at 08:17pm

Below will appear a list of championship entries received and processed, as at 21:48hrs on Monday, 9th May 2022, for the next Abingdon Marathon scheduled to be held on Sunday, 23rd October 2022.

2022 Oxfordshire County Marathon Championships
2022 Army AA Marathon Championships

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2022 Oxfordshire County Marathon Championships

Important Notice: Please read the Oxfordshire Qualification Requirements to make sure you qualify for entry into the Oxfordshire Marathon Championships. Please also note that all entrants for the Oxfordshire Marathon Championships will be contacted to confirm their entry.

Race No.NameClub / TeamCategory
 AKRILL, PeterAbingdon ACV50 Men
 BATCHELOR, DannyCherwell Runners & JoggersV60 Men
 BLOUNT, DanielHarwell HarriersV40 Men
 CARPENTER, JamesV40 Men
 CAVANAGH, MichaelV40 Men
 CLIFF, MartinV50 Men
 COLLINS, LucasHeadington RoadRunnersSenior Men
 DALGLIESH, RobertDidcot RunnersV40 Men
 DILKS, MarkKidlington Running ClubV40 Men
 DUCKETT, MatthewSenior Men
 ELLIS, KarenFairlands Valley SpartansV45 Women
 FENNING, JohnHeadington RoadRunnersSenior Men
 FOSDIKE, WilliamAbingdon ACV50 Men
 GREEN, AndrewWitney RoadrunnersSenior Men
 GREEN, RobertWitney Road RunnersV50 Men
 HARRIS, LucyWitney RoadrunnersV45 Women
 HART, HenryBelgrave HarriersSenior Men
 HERMITAGE, GilesAbingdon ACV40 Men
 HILL, MarcusOxford City ACV40 Men
 HOWARD, FraserWitney RoadrunnersV40 Men
 HOWARD, SallyWitney RoadrunnersV45 Women
 JAMES, AnitaHeadington RoadRunnersV55 Women
 LHOMME, JulienHeadington RoadRunnersV40 Men
 LOCK, MatthewWitney RoadrunnersSenior Men
 MALCOLM, IanHook Norton HarriersV50 Men
 NICOLSON, AngusSenior Men
 ROGERS, SarahDidcot RunnersV35 Women
 STRACHAN, FrederickSenior Men
 THOMPSON, MaxSenior Men
 TIDY, ColinWitney RoadrunnersV60 Men
 WALLER, HowardOxford City ACV50 Men
 WALSH, TomWhite Horse Harriers ACSenior Men
 WHITTINGTON, AmandaAbingdon ACV55 Women


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