2019 Championship Entrants

Last updated: Sunday, 31 March, 2019 at 09:25am

Below is the current list of championship entrants received and processed as at 00:17hrs on Saturday, 30th March for the next Abingdon Marathon scheduled to be held on Sunday, 20th October 2019.

2019 Oxfordshire County Marathon Championships
2019 Army AA Marathon Championships

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2019 Oxfordshire County Marathon Championships

Race No.NameClub / TeamCategory
 AKRILL, PeterAbingdon ACV40 Men
 ALDRIDGE, WilliamBournville HarriersV40 Men
 ANDERTON, DanielSenior Men
 ARAKI, YumikaV45 Women
 BARRY–CARROLL, LiamSouthampton Athletic ClubSenior Men
 BATCHELOR, DannyCherwell Runners & JoggersV50 Men
 BATES, KatherineEynsham Road RunnersV55 Women
 BAYLIS, LauraDatchet DashersV35 Women
 BELCHER, StuartV40 Men
 BENNISON, ShaneV50 Men
 BINNIE, ThomadThames Valley HarriersSenior Men
 BIRCH, ChrisHarwell HarriersV50 Men
 BISHOP, SimonV50 Men
 BRADLEY, NathanSenior Men
 BROADHURST, ElaineSenior Women
 BUCKETT, PaulV50 Men
 CARPENTER, JamesV40 Men
 CARTWRIGHT, KirstyHedge End Running ClubV45 Women
 CRACKNELL, AdamSenior Men
 DALTON, NickWitney Road RunnersV50 Men
 DANIELS, MattSenior Men
 DAWSON, TomSenior Men
 DILKS, MarkKidlington Running ClubV40 Men
 DOMMETT, EllieAlchester Running ClubV35 Women
 DUDGEON, SarahAbingdon ACV35 Women
 FABES, StephenVictoria Park Harriers and Tower Hamlets ACSenior Men
 FERNANDEZ, PaulAbingdon ACV40 Men
 FISHER, RuthWhite Horse HarriersV35 Women
 FOWLER, KelvinWoodstock Harriers ACV50 Men
 FREEMAN, PhilSenior Men
 GILBERT, DebbieBicester Triathlon ClubV35 Women
 GILLIGAN, ChrisV40 Men
 GOODWIN, JackKidlington Running ClubSenior Men
 GRAY, PhilOxford City ACV50 Men
 GREENAWAY, AnwenHook Norton HarriersV35 Women
 GREIG, NeilAlchester Running ClubV40 Men
 HAMILTON, John–PaulCherwell Runners & JoggersV40 Men
 HAMILTON, MariaAbingdon ACV45 Women
 HANCOCK, JulianV40 Men
 HAZELL, ClareWhite Horse HarriersV45 Women
 HERMITAGE, GilesAbingdon ACV40 Men
 HILL, MarcusHeadington RRV40 Men
 HINGLEY, AdamV50 Men
 HOBBS, MichaelNorth Cotswold Tri & RunV40 Men
 HOPE, GrahamKidlington Running ClubV40 Men
 HOSIER, LiamKidlington Running ClubSenior Men
 HOWARD, FraserWitney Road RunnersV40 Men
 HUMPHREY, AndrewBurnham JoggersSenior Men
 JACKSON, DebbieCollingwood ACV45 Women
 JOHNSTON, StanEynsham Road RunnersV50 Men
 JONES, DanSenior Men
 JONES, DeborahV45 Women
 KEY, EricaReading RoadrunnersV35 Women
 KOORTS, MartinV50 Men
 LABRAM, JoanneHedge End Running ClubV45 Women
 LANE, AnthonyV40 Men
 LEAVESLEY, JamesV40 Men
 LISTER, AndrewKidlington Running ClubV50 Men
 LOCK, MatthewWitney Road RunnersSenior Men
 MACEY, NickCherwell Runners & JoggersV50 Men
 MACK, PippaWhite Horse HarriersV35 Women
 MASON, WillV40 Men
 MATHERS, LauraSenior Women
 McMANNERS, ThomasSenior Men
 MORGAN, DavidAbingdon ACV40 Men
 MORGAN, SusieHook Norton HarriersV35 Women
 MYERS, SimonKidlington Running ClubV40 Men
 NAUGHTON, EileenDidcot RunnersV35 Women
 NICOL, SimonBuckingham & Stowe RCV40 Men
 NORRIS, ChrisWhite Horse HarriersSenior Men
 PATE, AshleyCollingwood ACSenior Men
 PIPER, RachelCherwell Runners & JoggersV35 Women
 PIPER, SimonCherwell Runners & JoggersV40 Men
 POLLARD, BenedictEynsham Road RunnersV40 Men
 PRYTHERCH, SimonCherwell Runners & JoggersV50 Men
 PUGSLEY, ChristinaNewbury ACV35 Women
 REGEP, CristianSenior Men
 REYNOLDS, AlanV50 Men
 ROBERTS, NikKidlington Running ClubV40 Men
 RODGER, JordanFleet & Crookham ACSenior Men
 SALMONS, NeilV50 Men
 SHARP, RobertDidcot RunnersV50 Men
 SHUTE, RupertReading RoadrunnersV40 Men
 SMITH, AndrewWhite Horse HarriersV40 Men
 SMITH, EmmaHeadington RRV45 Women
 SMITH, LindseyWitney Road RunnersV45 Women
 STYLES, JohnAbingdon ACV50 Men
 TEH, JamesAbingdon ACV50 Men
 TULL, BelindaReading ACV45 Women
 TULL, GrahamReading RoadrunnersV60 Men
 VAUGHAN, SamSenior Men
 VENABLES, MelissaSpa StridersV35 Women
 VIOLA, BrunoSenior Men
 WALLER, HowardOxford City ACV50 Men
 WHITING, RachelWhite Horse HarriersV35 Women
 WILDMAN, TimGreat Western RunnersV40 Men
 WORTH, ClarissaKidlington Running ClubV35 Women
 WRIGHT, KevinSenior Men


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