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Last updated: Saturday, 21 May, 2022 at 07:03pm

The race licence and course measurement information for the 2022 race is listed below:

UKA Race Licence Number (Full): 2022-43296
UKA Course Accuracy Certificate Number: 16/409

The 2022 Abingdon Marathon will incorporate the following championship events:

2022 Championships
Oxfordshire County Marathon Championships
Army AA Marathon Championships

Please Note: Entrants for the Army AA Marathon Championships have a separate entry pathway.

Before Entering: Please ensure you read the contents of the FAQ page.

Conditions & Personal Data Acceptance: Please note that by entering this race you agree to accept the conditions of the race as set out on this website and the eventrac race entry page. You also agree to the storing, sharing (with the race organisers and official third party suppliers) and use of your contact details (email address, telephone number, mobile number and postal address) provided on this entry form for the purposes of delivering all services associated with this year’s Abingdon Marathon, including, but not limited to, publishing your race entry and results data on the website.

Oxfordshire County Marathon Championships Notice: Please read the Oxfordshire Qualification Requirements to make sure you qualify for entry into the Oxfordshire Marathon Championships. Please also note that all entrants for the Oxfordshire Marathon Championships will be contacted to confirm their entry.

Training Information

Below is some information you may find useful to help you to prepare for the Abingdon Marathon.

Note: Before you begin running or any exercise program, consult your doctor.

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