Muscle INTRA XCEL from Fission Nutrition
2019 Sponsor and Sports Drink Provider

Last updated: Friday, 06 September, 2019 at 12:40am

Over the past year the Abingdon Marathon orginsing committee have been looking at how to reduce the amount of single use plastic used during the race in addition to offering an improved sports drink and how to make that drink available at more feed stations. As a result we have teamed up with local Abingdon company Fission Nutrition to provide a new sports drink for 2019.

This year the Muscle INTRA XCEL sports drink will be provided in paper cups and will be available at miles 11, 14, 20 and 23.

You can purchase a sample for £1.00 at our Online Shop.

To order tubs visit the Fission Nutrition website remembering to use the discount codes AM5 for 5% off on all purchases or AM15 for 15% on all orders over £60.00. Samples can only be ordered from the AM Online Shop.

Fission Nutrition Muscle INTRA XCEL sports drink

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