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2017 Race Day Instructions & Information ~ PLEASE READ!

Last updated: Saturday, 16 October, 2017 at 05:43am

Please take the time to read the all of the race day instructions below. You will also receive a copy of these instructions included in your race pack. The 2017 Race Booklet you will receive in your race pack is also available to download from here and read at your convenience, should you mislay or lose the original document. The 2017 Race Day Instructions & Information contained therein, also laid out below, are largely based on those for last year’s event including some modifications and additional information. Please make sure you read through the instructions thoroughly.

Start Time

This year the race will start at the normal time of 09:00hrs on Sunday, 22nd October.

Race Number

Your race number will have been enclosed in your race pack. Please fix it to the front of your vest, pinned at all four corners, without folding or writing on it. Your timing chip is attached to the number and must not be removed, otherwise your time will not be recorded. Mutilation of the race number, or failure to wear the official number on your front may cause you to be disqualified. PLEASE READ THE SECTION BELOW ABOUT PERSONAL & MEDICAL DETAILS.

Personal & Medical Details

As a condition of entry to this event you are required to complete your personal and medical details in the boxes on the back of your race number. You also agree that these may be made available, along with any other personal details the event organisers hold, to the relevant medical and civil authorities in the event of an emergency. Part of the event’s terms and conditions are that in an emergency you agree to these bodies supplying your contact details back to the race. By displaying this number you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this event and to abide by its rules. Please complete all sections of the form legibly in block capitals using a waterproof ballpoint pen or similar. Your next of kin/emergency contact should be someone who will be contactable on the day of this event.

If you have an existing medical problem which may require special attention, such as epilepsy, diabetes or a history of heart problems, you should mark a large cross in black felt tip pen on the front of your race number.

Participating in an endurance event inherently carries a risk. If you are uncertain as to whether you are properly prepared for this event, please check the website which offers advice on how to look after your body and to have a safe and healthy race.

For reasons of health and safety this number must not be transferred to another person. Doing so without the permission of the event organisers will result in disqualification.

Race Venue

Tilsley Park, Abingdon OX14 1PU – A map is available in the Venue section of this website. Tilsley Park is situated on Dunmore Road a mile north of the centre of Abingdon, and runs between the A4183 (accessed from the Abingdon north exit of the A34 southbound) and the B4017 (Abingdon to Wootton). Tilsley Park is clearly signed from all main roads approaching Abingdon. Local buses run from Oxford (about every 15 minutes) and some of the other main towns in Oxfordshire, although services are limited on Sundays.

Car Parking

Car Parking is available from 07:00hrs at Abingdon and Witney College (OX14 1GG), on the junction of Northcourt Road and Wootton Road, Abingdon, and at Dunmore Court (OX13 6BH), next to the Golf Store and Fit2Run. Both are just a 10– to 15– minute walk away (a good warm up for the race) from Tilsley Park. See the venue map for locations (P). There will be no parking for runners at Tilsley Park on race day. Please use the other car parks, and arrive early enough to give yourself time to prepare for the race. All the car parks are closed at night. Vehicles are parked at the owners’ risk, and the car park owners accept no responsibility. No parking will be allowed in any of the side roads close to Tilsley Park leading off Dunmore Road, or on Dunmore Road itself. It is part of the race course, and is a busy through road.


Don’t Be Late! You should aim to be at Tilsley Park by 08:00hrs. The roads in the area of Tilsley Park will be closed to all traffic 30 minutes before the start of the race at 08:30hrs. The call to the start line will be made at 08:45hrs.

Bag Storage

Bag storage is available in the baggage tent behind the main buildings of Tilsley Park. Your race pack includes a label printed with your race number. Please tie this label to your bag so it can be seen easily. There are also 120 lockers. Come early and bag them (20p coin required (refundable)). Please note that baggage is left at the owners’ risk.


The course has a UK:A Certificate of Course Accuracy. It is mainly flat and any inclines are very gentle. The start and finish are on Tilsley Park athletics track (– see map). A map of the course can be viewed on The Course page of the website and a printable version downloaded from the Past Results page of the website. Please run on the left hand side of the road and follow instructions from the marshals and/or police at all times. Part of the course is narrow and runners should take extra care in this area. In the interests of your own safety and that of your fellow runners you will not be allowed to run if wearing an MP3 player or portable audio device (iPod or similar) and you will be disqualified. This includes bone conducting headphones. The roads will not be closed and you will not be fully aware of traffic around you. Neither will you hear instructions from marshals or the police.

Water Stations

There are water or sponge stations located approximately every three miles and they are marked on the course map. Water bottles with sports caps are being trialled this year at miles 5, 11.5 and 20.5; there will be cups at the other water stations. Lucozade will be available in bottles with sports caps around miles 14 and 23. Please refer to the course map.


There are toilets inside Tilsley Park as well as some in the car park. There are also toilets available at the Park Club at Milton (approximately 10 and 19 miles).

Time Limit

There is a strict 5–hour time limit for the race. The road closures over the closing section of the course will be lifted at 14:00hrs and marshalling progressively removed from the course in accordance with this time limit. Runners that are likely to finish outside the 5–hour limit will be made aware of the fact at 15 miles (end of the first lap) and 19 miles (Milton Park). If at 23 miles, any runner is still outside the limit, he/she will be offered the opportunity of retiring from the race and transport back to Tilsley Park. Should the runner decide to continue, the runner will be advised that all marshals and support personnel will be stood down once the 5–hour time limit has been reached and he/she will be continuing at his/her own risk. No results will be provided for any runner finishing outside the stipulated time limit of 5 hours.


If you cannot complete the course, keep your race number on until you report to a marshal, feed station or first–aid point. Vehicles will be on the course to collect you and take you to the finish. A medical team will be on hand at the finish should you require assistance. Please feel free to ask for help at any time. Please hand in your number with timing chip attached to a marshal or other official.


At the end of the race there will be free hot and cold drinks to revive you after your marathon. These are for the runners and will be close to the finish. You will receive a medal and a goody bag. Do not forget to collect your t–shirt at the end of the race. Souvenir t–shirts, sweatshirts and other clothing will be on sale outside the main building.


Post–race massage will be available adjacent to the changing rooms, provided by Sarah Mead’s colleagues at Pro–Motion Sports Therapies, for £10.00 a session.


A range of refreshments (rolls, burgers, hot dogs, cakes and hot and cold drinks) will be on sale outside the main building, courtesy of the 2nd Abingdon Scout Group. You can also have a free hot drink and biscuits at the finish.


Hot showers will be available. Do make use of them and change into warm clothes as soon as possible.


Spectators must not follow the race by bicycle or car as this can be dangerous. The pacing of runners by cyclists is against UK:Athletics rules and any runner deemed to have been paced will be disqualified. The best place to see the runners is along Lambrick Way and Wilsham Road, since they pass along there twice. See the Spectator’s Map for more details. PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE THROUGH THE TOWN CENTRE SINCE THIS INCREASES TRAFFIC AND CONSEQUENTLY DANGER FOR THE RUNNERS. Instead drive around the ring road (Copenhagen Drive and Colwell Road), turn left at the police station (– see map) and take the A415 and B4017 (Drayton Road).

First Aid

First aid and emergency cover is provided by Alpha Care who will be stationed at strategic points along the route of the marathon. There will also be staff on duty at the First–Aid point near the finish.


We always need more, so if you know of any willing volunteers who could give us their help for one or two hours and cheer you on at the same time, please get them to contact us using the contact form on this website.


Race photography is courtesy of SussexSportPhotography and photos can be viewed and purchased from their website.

Additionally, the Official Race Photography webpage for the 2017 Abingdon Marathon is now available at SussexSportPhotography where you can now register your email address to receive updates and news about when the gallery of photographs will be available to view.

Purchases will be able to be made directly from the SussexSportPhotography website. A great way to remember the day!


After the event please tell us about your experiences by contacting us using the contact form on this website or communicate with other competitors by logging onto the Runners World website, or via the Twitter and Facebook pages.

Race Day Timetable

The timetable of events for race day will be as follows:

07:00hrsMarathon car parks open
07:30hrsBaggage reception open (but lockers available beforehand)
08:30hrsRoad closures in force
08:45hrsRunners to race start
09:00hrsStart of Abingdon Marathon
11:20hrsApproximate time for winning runner to finish
13:15hrsPresentation of prizes
14:00hrsRace finish

Further Information

Further information on trophies and prizes, race officials, acknowledgements, entertainment for your supporters and accommodation in Abingdon can be found on our website.


Results will be available shortly after the race on the Shoot4Goal Race Results webpage and subsequently on the Results section of our website. Any results queries should be directed to Shoot4Goal.

Bad Weather

In the event of extreme weather conditions the organisers reserve the right to cancel the race at any time.

If you have any problems on the course, tell a marshal who will immediately contact the medical support team. If this decision is made, there will be no refund of entry fees as most of the race costs will already have been incurred.

Have a great day!


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