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2017 Championship Entrants

Last updated: Sunday, 22 October, 2017 at 08:45pm

Below is the current list of championship entrants received and processed as at 21:32hrs on Saturday, 21st October for the next Abingdon Marathon scheduled to be held on Sunday, 22nd October 2017.

Oxfordshire County Marathon Championships
Berkshire County Marathon Championshipssee note below
Army AA Marathon Championships

Please Note: This webpage will be updated on a regular basis. Please do not expect your entry details to appear here immediately.

Please check your entry details let us know straight away if there is an error using the contact form.


Oxfordshire County Marathon Championships

Race No.NameClub / TeamCategory
873ADAMSON, GregV50 Men
937AKRILL, PeterAbingdon ACV40 Men
375ALLRED, KateEynsham Road RunnersV45 Women
186ANDERTON, DanielOxford City ACSenior Men
1051ARMITAGE, NickV40 Men
222ARNEIL, RalfWoodstock Harriers ACV40 Men
40BAILEY, FrankHeadington RRV50 Men
895BAKER, MarkEynsham Road RunnersSenior Men
129BAKER, TomEynsham Road RunnersSenior Men
351BATCHELOR, DannyV50 Men
73BENNETT, RachelWhite Horse HarriersV45 Women
303BENNETT, ShelleyThame RunnersV45 Women
1070BENNISON, ShaneV50 Men
493BOWYER, HarrietOxford City ACSenior Women
330BROOKE–LITTLE, LeoWoodstock Harriers ACV50 Men
337BROWN, MatthewHandy Cross RunnersV40 Men
1208BROWN, RossBeckenham Running ClubSenior Men
54BURNETT, AlexKidlington Running ClubSenior Men
10BURNS, LaurenceV45 Women
694BYRNE, HelenV45 Women
711BYRNE, KevinHeadington RRV60 Men
1111CANTWELL, DavidWoodstock Harriers ACV50 Men
1197CARTER, SophieBelgrave HarriersV35 Women
572CHARLTON, PennyV45 Women
767CLARK, SteveBicester Triathlon ClubSenior Men
840CLARKE, TomAbingdon ACV40 Men
947CLAYTON, JamesAbingdon ACSenior Men
955COPLEY, StephenSenior Men
376CRAGGS, AlisonEynsham Road RunnersV35 Women
1082CROFT, EmmaHeadington RRV35 Women
395CURTIS, ChrisAlchester Running ClubV50 Men
401CUTHBERT, GavinV40 Men
306DANIELS, MattSenior Men
229DAY, DavidWhite Horse HarriersV50 Men
243DAY, GrahamHeadington RRV50 Men
617DOWNEY, WilliamWitney Road RunnersSenior Men
126DUCKETT, MatthewSenior Men
529DUDGEON, SarahAbingdon AC V35 Women
316EVE, JamesHeadington RRV40 Men
349FENNING, JohnHeadington RRSenior Men
41FIDLER, EmilieV35 Women
681FLOYD, JoelWitney Road RunnersSenior Men
892FRAY, MartinCompton Harriers RCV50 Men
304GALWAY, AndyV45 Women
891GETTINS, LucyCompton Harriers RCV55 Women
710GIBBIN, CraigWitney Road RunnersV40 Men
38GILMOUR, RoryWhite Horse HarriersV50 Men
1078GINGELL, CraigSenior Men
68GREENAWAY, AnwenHook Norton HarriersV35 Women
89GREENAWAY, BethanHook Norton HarriersV35 Women
918HALLAM, RachelSenior Women
652HARRIS, CharlotteOxford City ACSenior Women
1206HARRIS, LucyWitney Road RunnersV45 Women
111HEDGES, BenAbingdon ACSenior Men
990HINGLEY, AdamV40 Men
514HOSKINS, CarolineReading RoadrunnersV45 Women
946HOWARD, FraserV40 Men
844JACKSON, KateV35 Women
486JARVIS, AndrewKPMGV40 Men
878JONES, MarkHeadington RRV50 Men
495JONES, SimonV40 Men
630KERSWELL, HelenaV35 Women
102KEYS, EmmaV45 Women
1103KHAN, SaeedHeadington RRV40 Men
53KING, KatieHeadington RRV35 Women
278KLUZEK, StefanSenior Men
72LAMBOURN, IanWhite Horse HarriersV50 Men
74LANE, MarkWhite Horse HarriersV40 Men
117LE TEXIER, LaurentV50 Men
831LEARY, AdamWitney Road RunnersSenior Men
579LEAVESLEY, JamesWoodstock Harriers ACSenior Men
446LEE, LennardHeadington RRSenior Men
769LEVERTON, PaulBicester Triathlon ClubSenior Men
181LISKIEWICZ, ArturSenior Men
450LISTER, PhilipHeadington RRV60 Men
382MACDONALD, EwanEynsham Road RunnersSenior Men
608MACLENNAN, CalAbingdon ACV40 Men
1195MATTICK, PaulSenior Men
939McALLISTER, ElizabethEynsham Road RunnersV35 Women
512McAULIFFE, StevenV60 Men
320McCABE, JanWhite Horse HarriersV45 Women
798McKAVANAGH, SamAbingdon ACSenior Men
641MEADOWS, OlgaAbingdon ACV45 Women
58MORGAN, DavidAbingdon ACV40 Men
1203MUIR, AndrewAbingdon ACV40 Men
180NAUGHTON, EileenDidcot RunnersV35 Women
95NEWTON, JohnAbingdon ACV40 Men
29NICKAU, HannoHeadington RRV50 Men
489NORRIS, ChrisSenior Men
406OREILLY, LauraV35 Women
467PEARCE, MichaelHeadington RRSenior Men
877PETTETT, CarlyEynsham Road RunnersSenior Women
635POLLARD, BenedictEynsham Road RunnersV40 Men
487PRYTHERCH, SimonCherwell Runners & JoggersV50 Men
642RAHMAN, LuKidlington Running ClubV40 Men
345REYNOLDS, AlanV50 Men
62ROBERTS, MeganSerpentine RCSenior Women
399SALMONS, NeilV50 Men
1128SARZYNSKA, MartaSenior Women
1114SCHOFIELD, MarkEynsham Road RunnersV40 Men
153SHARP, RobertDidcot RunnersV50 Men
590SHARPLEY, FayeThame RunnersSenior Women
297SLAY, StephenSenior Men
1087SMITH, AdrianWoodstock Harriers ACV40 Men
270SMITH, AndrewHeadington RRSenior Men
782SMITH, EmmaHeadington RRV35 Women
466SMITH, JasonHeadington RRV40 Men
429SMITH, LindseyWitney Road RunnersV35 Women
1059SNARE, FrankieWitney Road RunnersSenior Women
724STOREY, RobertEynsham Road RunnersV50 Men
841SULLEY, AndrewHeadington RRV40 Men
315TULIP, AlexanderSenior Men
603TULL, BelindaReading ACV45 Women
445TURNBULL, ChrisHeadington RRSenior Men
1084WALKER, SimonEynsham Road RunnersV40 Men
347WHITTINGTON, AmandaV45 Women
262WILKINSON, JeffreySenior Men
136WILLIAMS, AlastairV40 Men
561WILSON, PatriciaAbingdon ACV55 Women
915WISE, TinaDidcot RunnersV35 Women
213WOOD, GeorgeAbingdon ACSenior Men
408YOUNG, KatySenior Women
522ZHOU, WentaoSenior Men


Berkshire County Marathon Championships

Please Note: Entrants wishing to be included in the Berkshire AA Championships should notify Berkshire AA before the day of the race.

Race No.NameClub / TeamCategory
396AKEM–CHE, JoeReading RoadrunnersV50 Men
264ALDERSON, CliveV50 Men
307BIRD, JeffNewbury ACV40 Men
914BOWLES, CraigSandhurst JoggersV40 Men
744BULEY, GemmaReading RoadrunnersSenior Women
610CALDERON, ChristinaReading RoadrunnersV35 Women
723CANN, ClaireDatchet DashersV45 Women
963CASWELL, DavidReading RoadrunnersV50 Men
185CONEY, ThomasAbingdon ACV40 Men
919GRENVILLE, AndrewV40 Men
539HALL, AnthonyMaidenhead ACSenior Men
876HALL, ChrisTeam Kennet Tri and ACV40 Men
288HAYNES, RupertV50 Men
738HEATON, KennyReading RoadrunnersV40 Men
631HYNES, NeilMaidenhead ACV40 Men
545ILOTT, MartinDatchet DashersV50 Men
98INGLEDEW, StephenV50 Men
392ISLAM, SayeedV50 Men
379LEAKE, DavidReading RoadrunnersV60 Men
496MACKENZIE, PaulFinch CoastersV40 Men
485MAKAR, DeanTeam Kennet Tri and ACV40 Men
908McDOWALL, EdwinaHeadington RRV45 Women
906McGILLICUDDY, ChrisSenior Men
1095MOSELEY, ChrisWargrave RunnersSenior Men
310MUDZI, GabrielReading RoadrunnersSenior Men
1054MUTTON, AndySenior Men
438PEERS, Brian MatthewWargrave RunnersSenior Men
611REAY, PhilipReading RoadrunnersV40 Men
759RENNIE, GavinReading RoadrunnersV50 Men
463RICKETT, DanielSenior Men
462RICKETT, NicoleReading RoadrunnersV35 Women
745ROBERTSON, DeniseBracknell Forest RunnersV45 Women
707ROOK, SpencerFinch CoastersV40 Men
33SARGEANT, KatherineReading RoadrunnersV45 Women
728SHARAZ, Badr–EddineSenior Men
71STAFFORD, JohnBracknell Forest RunnersV60 Men
32STREAMS, TonyReading RoadrunnersV50 Men
604TAVARES, AyeeV35 Women
317THOMAS, HuwDatchet DashersV40 Men
335WARD, EndaFinch CoastersSenior Men
719WHALLEY, SamanthaReading RoadrunnersV45 Women
625WILKINSON, LisaV45 Women
324WILSON, MaryReading JoggersV35 Women
1144WINNING, GlenBracknell Forest RunnersSenior Men
179WOOLLEY, PaulDatchet DashersV40 Men


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