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Last updated: Sunday, 30 April, 2017 at 12:03am

The next Abingdon Marathon is scheduled to take place on Sunday, 22nd October 2017. Further details and other relevant information will be posted on the website due course.

The race licence and course measurement information for this year’s race are as follows:

UKA Race Licence Number: 2017-28277
UKA Course Accuracy Number: 16/409

This year the Abingdon Marathon will incorporate the following championship events:

2017 Championships
Oxfordshire County Marathon Championships
Berkshire County Marathon Championships – see note
Army AA Marathon Championships

Army Entries: Please see the News Section for further details on how to contact the Entries Secretary.

Please Note: A waiting list for the 2017 Abingdon Marathon is open. See the News Section for further details.

Check Your Entry Details

You will be able to check your entry details for the 2017 race here as well as the championship entries here as soon as entries are confirmed. If you spot an error please let us know straight away using the contact form.

Training Information

Below is some information you may find useful to help you to prepare for the Abingdon Marathon.

Note: Before you begin running or any exercise program, consult your doctor.

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